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Create a MySQL Database


Creating a MySQL Database

Creating a MySQL database with cPanel

Creating a MySQL database with cPanel, which is included in all of ICCM's web hosting plans can easily be accomplished. To create a MySQL database on your hosting account, you need to log into the cPanel.

Replace "" with your actual domain name or with the hostname of the server on which your account is located.

Once you have logged into the cPanel, you can access the MySQL management screen by clicking the [MySQL Databases] button.

To create a new database enter the desired name for the database in the New Database field, then click the [Create Database] button.

You might find it very helpful to check the video tutorial on adding new databases and database usernames that is available on this page.

A confirmation screen will be displayed, informing the database is successfully created:

You can click on the [Go Back] button and will be returned to the database management screen.

Please note that the MySQL database is being created with your username as prefix - username_databasename, and this is the name you have to use for your application.

Creating a MySQL username

You can now continue with the creation of a user account to connect to the new database. You just need to fill in the desired user name and password.

A confirmation page will appear.

You should always bear in mind that a prefix will be added to all databases and usernames you create, which will be your cPanel username.

Adding a user to a MySQL database

Once the database and the username are created, you can add privileges for the user to the database. You should select both from the corresponding drop down menu under Add User To Database and click the [Submit] button:
You will be redirected to a screen where you will be prompted to choose the privileges. It is advisable to select All Privileges then click the [Make Changes] button:

Please, click here for CPanel video tutorial about:
Creating and modifying MySQL databases in cPanel.

Using the MySQL Database Wizard

All of the steps above can be completed using the [MySQL Database Wizard].

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