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Step by step guide to the domain transfer process

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Guide to transfer a .ie Domain Name

The steps below describe the transfer process for the .ie domain name

To transfer your domain to a our hosting company, IEDR will require a signed fax (or letter), on headed paper. This fax must be sent to 01 2300365 stating:

'I authorise the transfer of domain ....................(domain name here) to Nic-Handle AGA968-iedr (ICCM)'

The document(s) can be scanned and sent by email, posted or faxed to 01 2300365

Guide to transfer a .com or .net Domain Name

Please ensure that:
1. If you just recently registered or transferred your domain name, you must wait 60 days before applying for transfer.
2. Domain name is not locked..
3. Domain name has not been deleted.
4. The transfer can be accomplished in 5-7 business days

1. You submit the transfer to our support team. You will then receive a confirmation email of domain transfer to the listed domain admin email account. The domain transfer codes (EPP codes)are emailed from the registrars and must be provided to us as the first step of the transfer process.

2. The system attempts to retrieve the admin contact email address of your domain name. If it can not be retrieved, the transfer will fail. If the system obtains your admin contact email address from the domain record, it then sends the first approval email.

3. The first approval email must be approved by you within 5 days or else the transfer fails.

4. If you approve the first email but your domain name is currently locked or suspended for non-payment then the transfer will fail.

5. If your domain name status is unlocked or Active then the transfer process proceeds and is now considered approved by the registry.

6. The losing registrar sends you a second approval email usually asking you to cancel the transfer. You may cancel the tranfer at any stage. If you proceed the transfer must be completed within 5-7 days according to ICANN.

7. If the losing registrar sends you instructions on approving the transfer then you should follow these.

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