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For a limited period we are offering our website transfer service free of charge when you purchase a hosting plan - one of our technicians will transfer your entire website to the new hosting plan Take the headache out of moving your website - To transfer your website click here to order a hosting plan

Click here for details of our Free Transfer Website Hosting Service

Or do it yourself by following the instructions below

  • First sign up for a web hosting plan. Start by ordering any of our web hosting plans.

  • Upload your website files using FTP software such as filezilla or any other site publishing software (Filezilla, Dreamweaver, etc.) using the server IP address that we provide, if your website uses a MySQL database you can transfer this using phpmyadmin

  • In your New Account email, you will find a temporary link to access your new web site before anything goes live. You can view your site to make sure its working properly (for example: where is replaced with the ip of your server).

  • In your New Account email there will be a pair of DNS Name Servers. Update your domain at your registrar (where you bought your domain) to use those Name Servers. If registrar doesn't provide an interface to accomplish this please email your registrar or call them and tell them to change your name servers. It will take 12-48 hours for the dns update to take effect.

  • Once your domain has propagated to our network you can begin using your own domain name to access the website. You can now close your previous hosting account

  • Once your website move has completed, you can transfer the domain name. .com domain name transfers require an authorisation email to be accepted and .ie domain require a signed letter to be faxed to IEDR as follows:

  • To transfer a .ie domain to a our hosting company, IEDR will require a signed fax. This fax must be sent to 01 2300365 stating:

  • 'I authorise the transfer of domain to Nic-Handle AGA968-iedr (ICCM)'
  • (You can also scan and email the document to us if you prefer)

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