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Website Cloud Failover Protection

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    Cloud Failover ensures that your website is always available by protecting your website against server failure or malfunction. Cloud Failover protection is available for all website hosting plans. Cloud Website Hosting Ireland

    Your website is hosted on a large computer called a web server, as with all electronic and mechanical devices a web server can malfunction, break down or may be needed to be taken off line from time to time for maintenance

    If the web server that hosts your website goes off line then your web site will cease to be available on the Internet until the web server is repaired and brought back online.

    Cloud Failover protection ensures that your website continues to be available by constantly replicating all your website files onto several other web servers, in the event that one web server goes offline the failure will be automatically detected by our system and the other web servers will take over so that your website continues to be available.

    This invaluable service can be added to your plan at any time and costs less than €2 per month.

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