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It is extremely important to keep your wordpress software and plugin versions up to date, when wordpress goes out of date or the plugin versions are not upgraded to the latest versions your wordpress website can become at high risk of being hacked or taken over by malicious software which can then use your website to send spam or deploy viruses and malware.

Keeping the software and plugin versions of your wordpress web site up-to-date can be a costly full time commitment which often requires a higher level of technical knowledge. An out of date wordpress web site can do as much harm to your business as not having a website at all. Allow us to shoulder the burden of updating your wordpress website - our qualified and experienced web designers can keep your wordpress uptodate and give you complete peace of mind

Wordpress Update Service ... €249/yr
Keeping a Wordpress website and its plugins up-to-date can be time consuming and never ending and is a task that is easily forgotten with our busy lifestyles, let our technicians shoulder the load and take care of the updates for you, our wordpress update service means that we will keep all your wordpress plugins and wordpress software up-to-date with the latest versions, a wordpress website or plugins that become out of date cause security flaws where your wordpress website is at a high risk of being hacked.

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